1.1 presents: PICO: Un Parlante de Africa en América (screening) & Harold Montes (live), Jim C. Nedd & Palm Wine (DJ Set)



PICO: Un Parlante de Africa en América (screening)
Harold Montes (live), Jim C. Nedd & Palm Wine (DJ Set)


at schwarzescafé (ZH)

1.1 presents a screening at schwarzescafé (ZH) of “PICO: Un Parlante de Africa en América” by Invernomuto and Jim C. Nedd, followed by a live set by Harold Montes (Colombia) and a DJ Set by Jim C. Nedd & Palm Wine (Italy).

PICO: Un parlante de Africa en America is a documentary film focusing on the Colombian tradition of Picós, heavily decorated soundsystems that animate street parties of the Costa Atlàntica.
Its history can be traced back to the 1960s, yet its roots are to be found deeper, at the time of slavery routes, when coastal cities like Barranquilla and Cartagena played a huge role as points of access in the trade. As a privileged gateway, Colombia’s coast granted access to the technological devices and cultural products – including music from West Africa – that became the basis of Pico culture.
The local painters, wood carvers and music selectors who stimulate the tradition are very much aware of its peculiar history and significance in the culture at large: the Pico system carries a tradition of revolt against subjugation and the dispossessed’s struggle. Through interviews shot in Barranquilla, Cartagena and Palenque, they speak earnestly of the craft and its surroundings, elaborating on a phenomenon so multifaceted as its musical and visual aspects are entrancing.
Invernomuto’s direction gives equal space to this loud and kaleidoscopic environment and to the naturally unfolding narrative of a story yet to be written.

PICO: Un Parlante de Africa en América (screening) - Invernomuto & Jim C. Nedd


Harold Montes is a producer and sound engineer based in Barrio Montes, Barranquilla. He has fiercely collaborated on the recordings and edits of GUARAPO! Forty Bangers from Barranquilla. In his live sets he combines Guarapo with Champeta instrumentals in a unique way. His deep knowledge of different Colombian musical genres – both electronic and traditional – pops up in his blends, creating a mellow, yet thumping, musical journey. He’s a pivotal figure of Barranquilla’s music scene as the founder of La Bom Records and through his partnership with the pico El Boby. His recording studio in Barrio Montes is for sure one of the most known in town.
The collaboration between Jim C. Nedd & Palm Wine took shape during a trip to Barranquilla in 2015. Their research revolves around the music genre that is shaking the southern side of Barranquilla in the latest decade: Guarapo.
The music selection browse through the musical panorama of contemporary Colombia: Champeta, Reggaeton and Guarapo exclusivos – with a particular accent on voice modulation techniques used in intros and placas.
JCN & PW’s set premiered at Unsound Festival, Krakow, in October 2017.


All pictures by James Bantone