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7./8.10.16: Viva La Body & The Core Talk – Jay Boogie
During his Europe tour, NYC bred MC Jay Boogie stopped by in Switzerland for two events: a concert at Longstreet Bar (ZH) in company of Boeystraat, Fez Momo and Modulaw on the 7th of October, presented by 1.1 & Mano Fico; and a gathering for conversation at 1.1 on the 8th of October.
At the gathering, issues like gender fluidity, and what it means to not identify with a binary definition of gender and its consequential detachment from one’s physical surroundings caused by the disapproval of physical appearance by said surroundings lay at the core of the talk.
What are ways to maintain a feeling of belonging, of being strong and comfortable in one’s own skin? Can the isolation in physical life be balanced out with the feeling of belonging to a growingly present and empowering queer, gender fluid and trans community on social media?
How does the USA’s universal lead on gender fluid friendly laws, and nonetheless open discrimination against LGBTQ people influence the youth and perspective in Switzerland?


Jay Boogie has not only gained critical acclaim for his flourishing musical career, but also for his efforts to talk more openly about gender issues, for example on his show on Know-Wave radio, and promote self-appreciation through taking care of one’s physical health, as it impacts the mental health majorly.
For the talk, we prepared healthy detox smoothies and couscous, and presented the face and body towels that were created out of the collaboration of Jay Boogie with 1.1.

All pictures by James Bantone